10,000 BC (2008) Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p

10,000 BC (2008) Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p

Language: Hindi Dubbed | English .
Quality: 480p | 720p / 1080p 10bit (BLURAY)

Director: Roland Emmerich
Writers: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser
Stars: Camilla Belle, Steven Strait, Marco Khan
Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | History

10,000 BC is a 2008 American epic adventure film from Warner Bros. set in the prehistoric era, about the journeys of a prehistoric tribe of mammoth hunters. It was directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Steven Strait and Camilla Belle.


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We whimper when our morning timers fritz out. We whimper when we have dental arrangements. We whimper when our most loved espresso stand comes up short on hazelnut coffee. What we don’t cry about is the way ineffectively the mammoth chases have been going of late.

In truth, D’Leh doesn’t whimper about that either—despite the fact that the wooly mammoths aren’t coming around as much any longer. That is terrible news, in light of the fact that D’Leh and his kin, the Yagahl, depend on these monsters for basically everything. They eat them. They wear their covers up. They fabricate cabins out of their bones. They make mammoth-related gems. One may state the Yagahl are in a mammoth trench.

D’Leh has different issues, as well. For a certain something, his pappy betrayed the clan quite a long while previously—a dishonorable no-no in the Yagahl’s tight little network. For another, he’s very partial to a quite, received gatecrasher named Evolet. Be that as it may, Evolet, with her blue eyes, straight teeth and pleasant mop of dreadlocks, is the Yagahl’s “it” young lady who’s probably going to be the primary crush for the clan’s best mammoth seeker. What’s more, that, everybody expect, won’t be D’Leh.

Things appear to take a lucky, maybe destined, transform when an immense mammoth bumbles into D’Leh’s lance and quickly bites the dust, giving D’Leh newly discovered status as a beefy, he-man seeker and the privilege to “take” the young lady based on his personal preference. Yet, D’Leh is too legit to even think about letting a mishap push him to so much innate power. With crushing sadness (and a little support) he rejects all his mammoth-chasing rights and leaves himself to proceeding Yagahl indefinite quality—regrettably.

That very night, “four-legged evil presences” (riders on horseback) attack the Yagahl’s place to stay, abducting Evolet and a few other awful spirits. D’Leh looks as his one intimate romance—alongside a few of his companions—are hauled away into the blanketed wilds. If at any time there was an opportunity to whimper, it’d be presently, isn’t that so?

D’Leh chooses rather to seek after them. What’s more, neither cold nor heat nor saber-toothed tigers nor man-eating ostriches nor an absence of the development of hazelnut coffee will prevent him from finishing his immensely critical mission.


D’Leh might be somewhat of a fifth wheel in the Yagahl, yet he approaches his tribemates with deference, and Evolet with consideration and delicacy. He sticks relentlessly to the ethical ethos of the clan: When Evolet recommends both of them keep running off together, D’Leh smacks down the thought. “Furthermore, forsake my kin, similar to my dad?” he says. Furthermore, as we’ve just talked about, he won’t let a mishap of destiny give him inborn advantages. In all actuality, he gets a bit of goading from Tic’Tic, a shrewd senior and companion, who lets him know, “It’s not the best approach to guarantee the white lance with a falsehood.”

Be that as it may, D’Leh’s character is possibly genuinely uncovered when Yagahl life is flipped around. Over the span of his epic trek to spare Evolet, he a) salvages the young lady from the grasp of one of her lewd captors; b) drives a pack of horrendous, man-consuming winged animals from Evolet and different hostages; c) hauls an injured partner through a consuming, waterless desert on an improvised stretcher; d) spares a saber-toothed tiger from a watery demise; and, obviously, e) turns into a motivating chief of men. He’s the sort of genuine, blunt person who may make a truly decent president if a) he showered more and b) presidential obligations included managing man-eating flying creatures and saber-toothed tigers. (What’s more, some would state that they do.)

However, all the Yagahl stick to a similar general code of respect. As D’Leh brings up, the Yagahl can bring down the mightiest of creatures (that’d be the mammoth) since they “chase together as one.” And, undoubtedly, the majority of D’Leh’s comrades are about collaboration. [Spoiler Warning] One of D’Leh’s onetime adversaries makes a definitive penance toward the finish of the film. The Yagahl’s inhabitant shamanist pioneer (referenced as “Old Mother”) makes a comparable penance.

Profound CONTENT

Two things merit remarking on at the start: First, in the event that one takes the film’s title truly, 10,000 BC happens a decent 10,000 years prior, well, Christ, and a few thousand years before even Abraham was strolling near. So the film doesn’t manage Judeo-Christian topics. Second, however the film happens in ancient occasions, total with ancient creatures, the subject of development isn’t managed.

So, mysticism runs wild.

“There are legends and predictions alongside all the instinctive components,” says Cliff Curtis, who plays Tic’Tic. “There are ruthless fear winged creatures and saber-toothed tigers, and, obviously, the mammoths, however the story likewise has an otherworldly connotation to it, and I feel that is the magic that binds it.”

The Yagahl seem to hold fast to some type of predecessor love, and there are a few inferences to “fathers” driving them. The dads additionally destroy Old Mother with dreams of things to come. Whenever D’Leh and Evolet were simply youngsters, she forecasted that Evolet and her playmate (who ends up being, obviously, D’Leh) would lead the Yagahl to another life “where the Yagahl will know hunger no more” and anticipated the assault of the “four-legged evil presences.” 10,000 BC 2008 Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p 

D’Leh ends up being a player in different predictions as well. One clan he experiences trusts that a man who converses with a “speartooth” will lead them in war against their oppressors. Luckily for D’Leh, he coincidentally saved a saber-toothed tiger the prior night he unearths the clan. What’s more, for some odd reason a similar tiger meanders into camp similarly as the clan is going to jab D’Leh loaded with lance gaps. The clan gives the tiger a wide billet, however D’Leh—as of now on the ground—says, “You do recollect me, don’t you?”

Evolet’s criminals and the clan’s oppressors are one and the equivalent—a propelled, pyramid-building race which has its own prediction. These individuals trust their development will disintegrate on the off chance that somebody comes to town bearing the sign of a specific heavenly body of stars. As it occurs, Evolet was whipped with a feline o’- nine-tails kind of thing while in transit to the city, and the scars staring her in the face coordinate the example of the group of stars.

These pyramid-developers—truly not decent individuals by any stretch of the imagination—adore a living “god,” really a tall, old human whose face is constantly protected from his kin by movies of silk and such. We’re informed that, initially, there were three “divine beings,” and he’s the special case who’s left. A whole organization has been worked around this unapproachable, unseeable individual, and whatever this “god” says, goes. When he feels as if his slaves are slacking off in their pyramid building, he arranges one of them to be relinquished—and one is quickly hurled off a pyramid edge. He’s respected with frightful stunningness, and D’Leh is advised to not expect assistance from his slaves since, “Men can’t cut down divine beings.”

[Spoiler Warning] Old Mother mystically goes on the journey with D’Leh. What’s more, she obviously gives her final gasp of life to Evolet, when the more youthful lady is lethally struck by a bolt. D’Leh, the man of activity that he is, ends up slaughtering the city’s ruler with a lance. “He isn’t a divine being!” he yells, and the upheaval initiates.

Likewise, Evolet is once in a while called a “witch,” however she doesn’t cast any spells.10,000 BC 2008 Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p 


Evolet is plainly an object of want among her captors. One makes proceeds onward her as though he’d like to assault her. (D’Leh salvages her.) The slave-exchanging pioneer in the end gets her “opportunity,” he advises her, however that opportunity unmistakably sums to exchanging an actual existence pulling stones for a real existence as his sex little cat. All things considered, their “relationship” never verges on being culminated.

A misrepresented impersonation kiss performed by a hostage tribesman is essentially to the extent things go with regards to discussing D’Leh and Evolet’s affection life. With respect to “local” clothing standards, everybody’s generally all around secured. A few men stroll around uncovered chested and ladies now and then walk about exposed carried. 10,000 BC 2008 Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p 

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There is butchery and hazard in abundance in 10,000 BC From the early-film mammoth chase to the climactic war in the desert, move makes the all important focal point.

Lances are the weapons of mass demolition here, with warriors utilizing them to dispatch mammoths, men and man-eating flying creatures with equivalent assurance. We see one 10-foot tall feathered creature get cut in the mouth. We see a pierced mammoth. A couple of men are pierced, and we see the lance go in one side and out the other.

In any case, there were clearly different ways than that to kick the bucket in 10,000 BC, and none were especially wonderful. Bolts were one. What’s more, gatherings of people see warriors smack their adversaries with sledges. Colossal, ostrich-like animals kill and eat men, supper time regularly covered up by an advantageous shroud of grass. Mammoths toss their trunks and step their feet with relinquish, every so often destroying or squishing people who get in their manner. As far as concerns him, D’Leh about gets covered by a crumbled mammoth, which would appear to me to be an especially dishonorable and rank approach to kick the bucket. A few Yagahl are hauled through the tundra by a mammoth, and they’re at times tossed clear and tumble into rocks. Individuals are heaved off pyramids. One watchman has his neck broken.

A man falls groin first onto a tree limb. D’Leh sears a comrade’s injury by method for a consuming branch. Slaves are normally smacked around, frequently by awful whips. Evolet is scarred when the slave driver whips her hands savagely. (We once in a while observe the blows fall.) One hostage is about choked to death by one of his overlords. The god-ruler takes steps to truly pull another slave separated.

Of note: For all the wanton passing and brutality, there is strikingly minimal exacting gore. Characters are wounded and skewered with some consistency, and the body tally is h 10,000 BC 2008 Movie Download in Hindi 480p 720p 

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